What We Do

Founded in 2010, BlackSand Capital is a real estate private equity firm distinguished by its integrity, creativity, and intimate knowledge of and commitment to the Hawaii market. It stands out as the only Hawaii-focused real estate private equity fund globally.

BlackSand Capital’s deep foundation in Hawaii rises from a multi-generational family legacy in the Hawaii real estate and construction market. The relationships created by decades of professional partnerships refine the firm’s acute understanding of real estate fundamentals and underpin its ethical responsibility to the community.

BlackSand Capital’s advantage is its focus on the local community, which is also reflected in the company. BlackSand Capital is a diverse and inclusive minority led company, where women hold leadership roles alongside men. All of BlackSand Capital’s employees are part of local families and have strong ties to Hawaii.

These enduring relationships along with the diversity and depth of experiences allow BlackSand Capital to capture rare opportunities often not presented in the market.